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The Parish of Sloley

Sloley is a village and a civil parish in the English county of Norfolk.


The village is 11.9 miles (19.2 km) north-northeast of Norwich, 13.6 miles (21.9 km) south-southeast of Cromer and 128 miles (206 km) northeast of London.


The village lies 4.7 miles (7.6 km) south of the town of North Walsham




Sloley Parish Council



Sloley Parish Council meetings are held in the Methodist Chapel.  We meet five or  six times a year. 

You are most  welcome to attend.. Our next meeting is on 23rd February at 7.00pm



Contact The Parish Clerk




Sloley Parish Councillors

Chairman:              Matt Stringer

Vice Chairman:    Stephanie Jones


Paula Postle         

Leigh Rumsby   


Chris Rose  


County & District Councillor   

Nigel Dixon 07970 298702



The Role of the Parish Council

Parish councils make all kinds of decisions on issues that affect the local community.  These include planning matters, highways and footpaths,  crime prevention, managing open spaces and supporting local groups to achieve better facilities.

The Council has several legal obligations – actions that a council must take by law. 

Every year the Parish Council is Audited to ensure that it is carrying out it's duties correctly and it's fiances are being managed properly.  The results of Sloley Parish Council's audit can be found under FINANCES

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